What is View-Through Attribution?

View-through attribution, also known as impression tracking, is the name we use for showing that an impression has led to an eventual install. Sometimes there’s a gap between when a user spots an ad (such as a banner) and when they install an app. Traditionally this would mean that you wouldn’t be able to understand if your ads have been effective in convincing a user to install. With view-through attribution, you can show which impressions may lead to installs.

Why is View-Through Attribution Important?

Without view-through attribution your organics would seemingly increase, as you wouldn’t be able to attribute impressions. As impressions have less engagement than clicks, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s a reduced likelihood that an impression could create an install. However, for same day installs, it can be suggested that the advert had something to do with the install, but anything from interference to user preference could prevent interaction. That’s why attribution windows on view-through attribution are much shorter. Impression tracking also means you can find out just how valuable your campaigns are along the buyer journey, not just at the beginning or end.

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