What is Targeting?

Targeting is the process through which an advertiser identifies users that they would like to reach and then advertises to them through various channels. By constructing the right user persona, understanding user habits and finding the platforms to reach them, an advertiser uses targeting to improve the performance of their campaigns.

Why is Targeting Important?

Targeting improves advertising performance across the user acquisition cycle. While targeting is seen as a way of increasing interaction rates with adverts, it should also improve other metrics further down the funnel, like retention and monetization. This has a number of positive effects for an app business. It increases the likelihood that the right types of users for a particular app will install it, and that they will perform in a way that you want them to. It also makes it more likely that other benefits of a positive user experience (such as word-of-mouth recommendations) occur. While targeting might principally take place when an advertiser sets up a campaign, the true benefit of taking targeting seriously should be felt across the whole of the business.

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