What is a Tracker?

A tracker is Adjust’s name for a campaign tracking link, and they are the foundation of campaign tracking. A mobile advertiser must insert a tracker into a campaign in order to allow them to gauge how it performs. This includes reporting on the number of clicks and impressions a campaign generates, providing information on how efficiently users convert as well as providing information on the users who do convert to allow for further analysis throughout the mobile marketing funnel.

Why are Trackers Important?

Trackers matter because they provide advertisers and marketers with the granular data necessary to assess mobile advertising performance. An ad campaign without a tracker will provide no campaign-specific data to the advertiser (or partial data if the campaign publisher has a dashboard), which turns buying mobile advertising into an act of faith.

With a tracker inserted, advertisers are able to analyze how campaigns perform, understanding whether they deliver value and then using that information to guide future campaigns. In particular, trackers provide value for advertisers further downstream. When trackers are used in conjunction with a concerted attribution and analytics effort, they help advertisers identify the most valuable users, feeding that information back into their targeting efforts. This is important when companies scale up their user acquisition. A properly constructed tracking structure allows advertisers to easily compare performance across networks and partners. This helps advertisers to spend their budgets more efficiently on a more significant scale, ensuring that they can thoughtfully and strategically expand their mobile marketing campaigns.

Reference: “Adjust,” Retrieved – 23 April 2018