What is the Identifier for Advertisers?

The Identifier for Advertisers (known as the IDFA) is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device. Advertisers use this identifier to track data so they can deliver customized advertising.

The IDFA reveals no personal information. Instead, it’s used for tracking and identifying a user, which then allows advertisers to access aggregated data which can be used to discover information – such as which in-app events they trigger.

The IDFA can also identify users when they interact with a mobile advertising campaign, provided the channel offers IDFA tracking and that the advertiser tracks users who interact with adverts successfully. If this occurs the IDFA can pickup whether specific users click an advert for payment and attribution purposes.

Why is the Identity for Advertiser important?

IDFAs are important to advertisers because they are an accurate means to track iOS users. By assigning a device to a single IDFA, advertisers who are able to track IDFAs within a campaign have much greater certainty about the defining qualities of that user and whether they installed due to an advertising campaign.

IDFAs also offer a welcome level of privacy for users. This can have a additional effects for advertisers, but the IDFAs depersonalization of user data ensures that it is on the right side of data protection efforts – preventing advertisers from becoming embroiled in data privacy problems.

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